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our planet and places are changing
our approaches need to change in relation
we can only do this together


1.  of, at, toward or from (all) sides

2.  (thinking) solving problems by an indirect and creative approach, typically by viewing in a new light

                                                                                                              starting instead from potential

la -te-ral    'laderal    (adjective)   

 a -gen-cy   'ajense     (noun)  

1. action or intervention, especially such as to produce a particular effect

2. an entity that acts to produce a particular result

3. a (social venture) established to provide (positive) impact, involving relationships between multiple parties

"To change the world, (we must) first  imagine a better one."


"The present moment offers the potential, born of crisis, to transform the way (we) inhabit the earth.___REGENESIS

"Each one of us can make a difference, together we can make change."


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