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l a t e r a l  agency  is

a regenerative design + development practice

           a strategic consultancy

and a research + capacity-building platform       

a social venture, founded - in response to joint crises of climate, health, and equity - to help teams leverage development projects as catalysts for raising the economic, social and ecological vitality of inhabitants + the communities, cities and regions that sustain them.


Solutions to the wicked problems we face can't be found within the confines of any single sector, scale or silo. The incredible potential we have to reimagine and co-create thriving futures demands new ways of seeing, thinking and being; new approaches to how we understand, design and invest in our shared futures, and new ways of working together - with people in place - to realize them. This is where we thrive!

With over a decade of international experience designing and delivering complex community-building projects - from new buildings to block-scale adaptive reuse, city-wide engagement to regional infrastructure strategy - we work with and across teams, organizations and communities to integrate collective intelligence, build collaborative capacity, empower regenerative agency...and help seed evolutionary capability required to sustain it.   


Operating at the intersection of policy, imagination, environmental design, and community development we serve as: strategic advisors, process designers, bridging consultants, translators, re-negotiators, catalysts and capacity-builders. Our services include the following, but our boutique capacities mean we can tailor to suit.


regenerative design + development_______resilience + climate positive strategy_______scenario planning

project definition_______value-creation studies_______impact assessment + accountability frameworks

process design_______facilitation_______engagement_______storying_______communications

research_______education_______knowledge mobilization

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